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Past Has Gone And I Feel Life Scaping From My Heands

With every passing day I feel like I get far away from you, I want to
stop time but the harder I try I can't, there's no way of doing it, I
keep dream while I'm awake, I keep feeling your breath, I wish I could
stop the time and go back to that moment when I met you, because you
are not the person for me, I know that maybe that was part of the
destiny, but I refuse to know that I felt in love and now I am here
without you, how could I have something that never belong to me. I'm
dying in silence, slowly, nobody knows my pain, only me in my heart. I
want to have a revenge so you can suffer as I do, but also I would like
to kiss you, the only thing that I can understand is that this is the
past, and the past is far away behind every moment, behind every breath
and I'm here sad but happy that I'm far away from you, because you are
the past and the past is far from me.

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