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How much time do you have for me? How long can I stay
with you? How long can I look into your eyes and how long
can I love you? Every second with you is as important to
me as time is to you. Now tell me how much time it takes
you to fall in love with me. To miss me, to feel my
smell, how much time should I give you? How long should
the music that we are listening to together last? The
time we
are dancing, how important is it to you? Now tell me how
long I am supposed to love you. A day, a year? Now tell
me how long I should wait for you? How long should I
carry your name in my heart or how much time do you want
to live with me? Until time takes it all, our feelings,
our hearts, how much time will you give me? How much time
do I have to conquer your heart? To start it all, to
entirely live happiness, how much time do I have? Tell me
how important the sun that is rising behind these
mountains is to you, how many times do you want to see
me in that sunrise? When the day dies, how much do you
want to embrace me and sleep with me? Tell me how long
you want to live this love and let me live. Time, how
important is it to us? How strong is my love supposed to
be? How many poems am I supposed to write? I don' want
you to cry for me. I am giving a whole life's time to you
, an infinity to love me. An endless number of roses in
your arms and all the time you might need to love me.
Above all I am giving you my life. Now tell me, how long
will you love me?

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