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El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Cólera
(Gabriel García Márquez)

Gabriel García Márquez, the most known magic realism writer, excels in explaining a wonderful tale that moves around the foolish perseverance of an unattained love. Florentino Ariza falls in deep love when he is 18 years old and gets obsessed with Fermina Daza, a beautiful and uptight young lady who he watches everyday on his way to school. After breaking up with his own resistance and helped by the complicity of his aunt Fermina, a love letter sending and serenades affair starts an impossible love in which the rigid social rules and the uptight pride of Fermina doesn?t let any contact between the two lovers.

When her father finds out, Fermina Daza is obliged to depart for a visit to her cousin Hildebranda for a long stay so she is away of Florentino. But as he works at the telegraph office, he discovers where she is and keeps on touch with her. Once she is back after a prolonged absence, the reality of her idealised love becomes apparent and deception makes her leave him without any explanation. Months after she gets married with doctor Juvenal Urbino and joins the high social classes furthering away even more from that man he magnified in her dreams and she thought she loved.

For Florentino it takes fifty years to become a rightful man good enough for his love, his strong determination drives him to become the chief of the Caribean Fluvial Company, a very important job at the city. His life is reduced to observe from the distance the changes in Fermina as a result of time passing. He switches his passion in unstable and volatile relationships and shows of his irrational love to Fermina by letters written by his collaborators. One only thought keeps hope, the certainty that Juvenal Urbino will die someday before him.

When the day Juvenal Urbino has died a new opportunity opens for Florentino Ariza. He has become a kind, cultivated man and with fresh energy renews his devoted love with even more passionate letters that aim to strike the old and hardened heart of Fermina.

This is a wonderful tale portraying a tenacius perseverance of a love that lasts until death, obstinate by hope. It is a masterpiece narration by Gabriel García Márquez who embarks us in a magic trip to the early XX century in Cartagena. It takes us from splendour to decadence, from young age to old age and from nostalgia to reality in an interesting route by the corners of the city and the soul of its inhabitants with his crude and poetic realism.

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