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Bai Yang On Life

When talking about Bai Yang, several phenomena may not ignored. - -
1, He was a writer who was first well known for writing scribbles in Taiwan, and has the huge reader group. For many years, his work always has maintained the astonishing sales numeral, being unable to count the piratical books printed abroad.
2, He kept writing for 30 years ceaselessly, which made the output astonishing. Publication work included scribble, novel, history, poem, report and so on.
3, He once was sent to prison for nine years for "writing".But as to the space ,the time of the society of Taiwan, the appearance of Bai Yang's scribbles , within the 30 years,had its special influence, the characteristic is as following - -
(1)interesting: The Bai Yang's scibbles made good use of explains wonderfully, the writing was flexible, mixed with ancient Chinese and modern Chinese, and full of countless changes, therefore could attract the multitudinous readers to read.
(2)sociality: He dared to expose the dark side of sciety,as well as to be industrious in fiercely criticizing all sorts of unreasonable phenomenon.
(3)educativity: He sometimes gave an example, sometimes used the ridicules skills, but mainly was repeatedly explaining or teaching populace some correct ideas. In order to rearrage his works according to the different contents in Bai Yang's huge scribbles, the book Bai Yang on Life divided into the man chapter, the dear chapter, the unhappy couple chapter, the life chapter and entertainment chapter, which settled a clear feature of the essential meaning and the thought in the works of Yang Bai.

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