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(John Updike)

The protagonist, Harry Angst alias Rabbit, runs away from home for he thinks that his Marriage with Janice is full of boredom and monotony. The running of Rabbit is Considered as the violation of accepted social conduct. Repeatedly, the institution of Marriage is referred in the novel as a sacrament but on the other hand, the incompatibilityof this institution hangs over. There is the conflict between responsibilities which a mmarriage inevitably brings and a sense of freedom, a search for meaning in life. However the society around him is unable to understand his quest and pleasures without caring forhis wife and family. He just wants to flee from his stinking house and a wife who drinks. Harry is shocked when he was advised that he, too, should drink with his wife to escape from the breakdown of marriage.Ironically, Eccles, who is trying his best to bring Harry and Janice together his own married life is not satisfying. He is more interested in the affairs of others than his own.Harry comes back to his wife knowing that she is going to have a baby but when she does not allow him to have sex with her he feels offended and hurt. Here he shows his lack of consideration for others. The novel is worth reading and speculation. It is full of paradoxes. It makes the reader thinking over their own relations as the theme of quest for identity is the relevant one in the present time rather I would say since time immemorial mankind is questing for its identity. The quest is more important than the goal, because if one probes and explores there is undoubtedly a chance for refinement and transformation.

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