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the parts Antic Greek theater was very rich . Médée was one of most represented of them.
Jason was the son of Éson, king of Iocolos. It had been dispossessed by hps brother Pélias which, for throw uff also of Jason was sent him to conquer the Golden Fleece. He was all at the black sea-bed, kept by a dragon which never slept. Médée, will help him by his magician capacities, that it will make a success of their tour. While fleeing both, Médée will have to kill his brother.
The part begins on the lamentations from Médée, indeed, inaccurate Jason will marry the girl of king de Corinthe, Créon. This one comes in person to mean his decision to banish him with his children. Médée supplies him to reconsider this decision but without result.
It is here that the overwhelming pressure of Médée which she starts to set up a plan of vengeance. When Jason appears, she overpowers him, showing it to be a villain, ungrateful, remembering to him all that she did for him. Jason defends himself with hypocrisy and cynicism by claiming that he contracted this marriage, not by love, but in the interest of Médée and their children. She does not believe a word of it.
Little time after appears Égée, king of Athens
, deploring at Médée to be able to have children. Médée proposes to him to help it thanks to his capacities if he accords her hospitality inhis country. The king accepts and Médée, having found an asylum put her plan at execution. She pretends of reconnoiter her wrongs in front of Jason and even makes carry to his new wife of the present that hepoisoned. Future the wife dies like her father.
But the vengeance of Médée didn't ceases; she decided to also kill his children that she cannot look any more without suffering treason from Jason but also to punish herself. Her remorse ceases as from the moment or the decision is made.
When jason arrives, it was too late. He reproaches him what she has just done by hatred for him but Médée flies away in the airs on a winged tank that her grandfather got to him, the sun. She carries the body of her children whom sherefuses to leaveto Jason.
Médée is the blackest heroin of ancient mythology.
The hesitations and contradictions of Médée are attenuated forms of this madness which the Greeks always associated to the familial murder. Héraclès and Agave kill their children in an access of mislaying; Oreste becomes insane after having killed his mother. Médée, on the contrary, seems by the crime to find her equilibrium, but she is punished for an older crime, the fratricide which had deeply marked her.
Euripide is the only one which exceeded the popular misogyny and dared to say the condition of the women, moreover at the end of the part, Médée launches a last call to her nurse :I count on you, you are a woman also. pathetic call in which a whole revolution holds.

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