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Valentine Of The Undead
(Lanaia Lee)


We have lived together in this big old gothic looking house for many years. It is so hard to believe Valentine's Day is again about to be born. This day is very important, because it is the anniversary of the day you joined with me so long ago.
The old clock in the foyer chimes ten. But at midnight, when it is February fourteenth, I want to do something really special for you. As far back as I can remember I have been of the undead. At the stroke of midnight so long ago, you decided to join me. This decision you freely made because of your love for me.
I can remember it so well, five hundred years we have been together. I remember vividly, the night you died and then you were reborn to a life with me. I always watched you from the shadows, until one day I had to make my presence known. You were so beautiful then, as you are to this day. You were the only one that could make my unholy heart sing. I love you now as I did then. I had to let you know of my existence. Yes, I was so scared after you found out my true identity you would reject me. This old heart that is not supposed to harbor any feeling, had to have you. But, it had to be on your terms.
When, I inflicted the deadly bite, that would make you mine, as you died you looked up at me and smiled. Ever since you have joined me, you make my unholy existence worth while. We do everything together. Love, hunt, laugh, and lay side by side in our coffins in the damp dreary basement of this old house. When we rise at sunset, I am always excited because I know I will be with you.
It was so long ago that I received the deadly bite, I don't even remember what a mortal life is like. I do remember my life without you meant nothing. Even when together we must hunt for our essence of life. I don' t even think about it being so horrid as I once did.
When we were lucky enough to find this dreary old house, to me it was like finding a paradise because you were with me. Not many people have the courage to enter this big old house, because of the horror it has a tendency to emit. But to me this place is like, our Garden of Eden. So privacy here has never been a matter of concern.
Outside, I can hear the sweet music from the creatures of the night. Their song sounds like music to me as I think of you. The creatures are so docile when they are in our presence. Outside,, it is not a night to be out. There is a thick fog, engulfing everything in it's path, like a thick white blanket covering everything. We do have electricity, but on this night, only the fireplace and candles will be used so it can help you relax and put you in a romantic mood. I wish in a way we ate food, so I could fix you a romantic dinner, but instead I have a canister of the thick red liquid we must have to sustain us.
I even have a gift for you. A pair of elegant ear rings worn by a long dead queen. They are emerald and diamond. Most expensive. I got them from a victim long ago. She was wearing them when she died. Recognizing the value, I took them and have had them in my possession all these years. On this night I will hand them over to you. So you can display their beauty and know the depth of my love for you. Time itself could not stop my love for you.

I hear you walking, your footsteps make a tapping sound as you lightly walk across the floor. You then come into the room where I have prepared your surprise. As you enter the room, I can't help but again notice your undying beauty. The long dark hair cascading around your shoulders framing a face so smooth and so white. Your eyes sparkling from the light of the fireplace. You dressed in a long black dress gathering around your very small frame.
You glide as you walk as you walk up to me and open your arms. You hug me and kiss me. letting me know your feelings for me. I have even put a record on the old phonograph, playing sweet romantic music. You step back from me and smile as you see the canister I have prepared on the table.
The two glaI put out you fill with the thick red liquid. We hold up our glasses to cheers our ongoing relationship. I then hand you the elaborate ear rings, and for the first time you see them. You gasp at their beauty and then you romantically kiss me. Together, forever, celebrating a love that is so true. We are of the undead, forever having to search for our essence of life. But my love, I don;t care as long as I am forever with you.

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