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My Life
(alexis luis lira)

MY LIFE:hello friends-readers, this is my second synopsis, here for you a part of my life., I was born in 1993 in Federal Capital, my first visit in the workd was difficult when I was a baby because I had a pulmonary problem and I was in hospital until I was 3 months old. Then when I was getting better my life goes on quietly. Further in the time, I tell you that in the life there are bad dreams, if you did not know as one of my tales, it happens that one day in the village where I was living, close to the park appears my worst nightmare... I was playing with my little cars, my mum was calling me, now I do not remember why, my little brother was eating sweet bread, my sister was in the bathroom, then she went out from the bathroom and she went to my mother's bedroom, she went also to see how my little sister Marcela was, because in that time she was only a baby and she was in the cradle. Suddenly, Noelia my older sister saw FIRE that was burning the mattresses, the furnitures....my sister aware us and all together went ot my mother's bedroom. We were very afraid, my little brother and my older sister went out with me to the patio. We were shouting!!! Nobody hears us.
Then a man saw the fire, then knowing what it had happened went to call the firemen, later my mum and my grandmother throw away a mattress full of fire in order to avoid that the smoke inside the house get worse the situation. My mother was to take the keys to open the door and go out! It's closed, it is closed! Then a neigbour came to help us, a few minutes later can open the door, and all less the baby could go out. In a while came the firemen and take the baby out and gave her to my mum. Two hours later the fire put out, all except my grandmother's Television was destroyed. All was burnt, we were hopeless, but a salvation was waiting for us, the neigbous that saw the fire were very impressed and then they gave us armchairs, beds, fridges and so on for us just was startin a new life----.,TO BE CONTINUED

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