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Teach Them How To Love
(Donna J. Habenicht)

Learning how to be a father. Children?s education is not an easy task. There is a generalized idea of how children are affected by family matters, depending on their age. How many times have we heard: "as the baby is small, he/she will not notice"? For example, parents separation, a mother?s depression or anguish, the birth of a sibling, domestic violence?. According to professionals it is completely wrong to think that babies and small children don?t ?suffer? because they ?don?t realize? the problems that take place around them. During the first years of life, human beings relate with their surroundings and significant people around them through our body and senses. All emotions and experiences are printed within ourselves, both good and bad. In consequence, we need to be aware that our children, no matter how small they are, feel and express their emotions through body language, even if they are too small to express themselves verbally, they will do it through their body language just like adults will communicate with them through non verbal language: caresses, gestures, tone of voice.. It is necessary for the kid to develop properly that, us, parents can satisfy the different needs of our children, from an affection stand point, due to the great importance of establishing affectionate links, both for their personality configuration and for the social development process of the kid. Hence, it is not only important to feed a child, but also show him the satisfaction this involves. In other words, it is important and necessary that when we breast feed a baby, or we give him the feeding bottle, we look, we smile, we caress, we talk, we say nice things, we talk to him about the maker, etc... In this way, we will satisfy various important needs such as nourishment, affection, affectionate links and communication. Remember, the love you manage to provide will make your child the better person he will become in the future.

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