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Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

This bestseller deserves to be explored for many reasons. First of all,
this is a passionate novel mixing ancient myths with contemporary life.Its
thesis is really polemical and engenders many debates, essentially
because we are discussing about the Holy Grail and secrets kept from
the Vatican. Even if all these revelations are not all checked, this
novel is, however, very rich concerning historical data, which is very
instructive for the reader about the secret societies, Leonardo Da
Vinci and other famous icons of the Western culture.The polemic
around the Da Vinci Code is useless because we should keep in mind that
this book is just fiction. Although the author, a popular novelist,
based his information on a large quantity of documentation in order to
nourish his intrigue with such consistent elements, he has no intention
to prove the facts in terms of data. Nevertheless, he succeeded in
opening debates on several subjects such as the true meaning of faith,
occult symbols that we are used to seeing them without understanding
them, and finally by asking ourselves about the power of the Roman
Catholic Church which has never been defied for centuries.Something
palpitating about this novel is the way with which Dan Brown develops
this intrigue starting with short and well-balanced chapters. Indeed, a
curator of a museum just died and we are looking for the murderer. This
book is also built in a certain way, so that the reader receives and
understands the main events taking place at the same time but in
different places, where as the main idea linking and conducting as far
as the outcome is difficult to identify and follow at the beginning.
Once the reader is familiar with the protagonists and is entirely
absorbed by their nocturnal adventure, the enigma will become clearer
and more and more people associated with this crime will appear. The
reader becomes a witness without being able to help anybody and will go
closer and closer to the resolution of the enigma.Although indices
are present throughout the book, the end of the novel is absolutely
unexpected. More over, the movie ?Da Vinci code? produced by Ron Howard
will come out first at the festival Cannes in May 2006. For those who
did not read the book yet, read it before watching the movie!

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