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Headway Workbook/advanced
(John £ Liz Soars)

The Language Book Headway - Advanced contains much that interests publishers of
Language: the development and teaching of the English Language is well catered for in this book: it forms a wide eyed view of language and I have chosen it because of this particular attraction.

Grammar is well discussed and there are many useful exercises in understanding of the complex art of writing and speaking in English: The authors refer to this skill as

/Spoken versus written skills/

I would mention here that there is an interlinking notion that the two should go together:
/spoken and written/can be taught as /one and the same thing/

Relative Clauses! Well! where would we be without them? They define the noun they refer to:
And dont forget the verb in the sentence is still /the doing word/

Pronunciation forms part of this Language Book and there is scope here for the practising poet such as myself to develop harmony in speaking as well as understanding and listening!

In fact, there is a reference to the /Flat Earth Society/ referred to in this language poem and there is a wonderful poem dedicated to this amusing concept! Of course, today we all know, that the /world is round/
However, in the interests of pursuing the /human touch/ in Language Understanding: here is a reference to the FLAT EARTH Poem:: /Its about an Irishman called Sean?

/somewhere the earth is bound to stop/

I wonder what today's readership might make of this: what about the Race Relations Act! Are we permitted to talk about Sean other than Comedy! I suppose we are: This language book is a great asset to educational materials especially in English Language groups : and its good reading as well!

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