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Karnatic Musicway,,,,(part 2)

To pronounce the karnatic music some people use carnathic music, some people say (kanaic)music, some people say sasthriya music. No mater how do you pronounce it.
Or spell it. You must try to know the value. If you listen to karntic music you will never
Think of your surrounding, you may not wish to see your neighbor, you will close
Your eyes. You will think only about your self. It may be your achievements or even
About your failures.The first experience you will get for (karntic) music.

Everybody think in their mind, a person should know karnatic music to listen it. It is basically Wrong concept to listen some you should go to school learn. Actually it is not like that. If you listen ( karnatic) music for some time your thinking will
Go about you, or about your duties, or some thing more about you. Later definitely
You will start to think about your worshiping ultimate.

There are some scales (ragas) in karnatic music for entertainment. The orthodox
Music composers also used them to compose some divine songs. The very same
Scales being used for entertainment purpose even now. Any tune you change
The lyric as you like. Mostly children any where in the world do this.
It becomes the very first music entertainment.

For an entertainment plenty of things available in the world. One should under
Stand the karnatic music is for self realization or to search supreme power.
Other wise to get cosmic and electromagnetic power from this music sound.
Even for the crops and agriculture there are specified ragas still available.
About 2000 years back in Indian music history it is mentioned, Other kingdom
People came to southern India to invite musician to take them to their country.
We can be very clear from this article that, the karnatic music has lot of
Other resources for human being apart from an entertainment.

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