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Talk To Win
(shanshir rai luthra)


Man is a social animal,
we?ve heard it many times, but have we ever wondered why is
he called so? The answer to this is that, he has a brain
which is emotionally active. His emotions need a way out.
To express them he has two ways-firstly by his gestures or
by the use of words, the former being a little less
expressive and non efficient at some places. Hence,
conversation is the best way to express your

We often hear
that the more you share your grief with others, the more
relieved and relaxed you feel. The truthfulness of this
statement is unquestionable. Conversing with a loved one
after a long time gives you immense joy; conversing with
your family and friends gives you immense confidence and
conversing with god gives you
immense ?life?.
Another kind of
conversation which is regarded as the most effective kind
of conversation is-conversation with yourself. Nobody knows
you better than yourself. The best part about this
conversation is that you can?t lie to yourself, nor can you
hide anything from yourself. In this process you are judged
by someone who knows you inside out and hence is sure to
give you the correct judgment. It is very useful even when
you are low or depressed. When you know that there is no
one to talk then your inner self stands up as your ?best
Hence, conversation is the best
medicine to cure every disease and heal every



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