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Time Travel
(Nancy Tompkins)

So many books and movies have been written on the subject vof time travel. HG Wells believed in a physcial machine which was needed to undertake this task. His need to reverse time to cure all the wrongs done. Would not each of us love to go back to the 1st summer when we were teenagers and our first love. Or perhaps to revisit a long lost or relative of more care free days when life was less complex. Where ever or whenever you would like to be can be accomplished easliy through time travel. Travel back to anyplace of your choice. We each hold the capabilities to travel in time. I want to share the secert with you now.

As you read I want you to hear in your head your most favorite song. Sing the lyrics you know even if you are off key, hum the words you may have forgotten. Now for a moment close your eyes and let the music take you back. Travel ack in time to that place where thatv music first touched your ears, where it forever permeated your soul and my friend you have the key. You have been granted the key to travel back in time to any place perhaps oly for an instant but thats long enough. You can once again relive love and hurts and you can take a memory and bring it back to life again.

As a child I grew up in a house full of various kinds of music. Daddy was Johnny Cash, The Eberly Brothers adn the like. Mom was show tunes and big bad. My eldesttwo brothers tates differed from the 70's rock to the Beach Boys California dreaming, and Frankie Valle.

For me I love it all from clasiic rock to modern day. I have been blessed with children who have also captured the essence of what music can do. To see my four year old dauhter sing all the words to Hotel California, well these heart strings do go ping. To watch my son strum the gutair aas his babe sisters sit in awe of him, and bring me back to a day when my brother had done the same for me.

As I sit now and listen to Wilson Phillips I myself am transported back to a pier in Southrrn Florida where two friends and I walked on a summer's night belting out the words to a song whose lyrics mean so very much.Each of us have memories that are similar in aspect tothe ones I have told you about.

For those of us who sing off key or can not play a note the music is always there for us to allow us to travel back in timeif even for only a moment. to recall to relive to be there once again whenever we need it. Keeping our memories safe within it notes. So travel through time whenever the oppurtunity allows you.

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