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How To Run Business

How to run business?
Be ready is the base to win, how do you do so?
What is the gap between your potential customers and you?
1. Know the market.
2. What you can sell now and the future?
3. Who are your competents?
4. What is your competitive edge?
5. What to learn and how to learn?
6. How to build up customer list, reseller list and supplier list?
7. In case your business has trouble, what are you going to do?
8. About think big and be realistic
9. What is your vision?
10. The most important part of your asset is capable people doing job for you, how to you achieve it?
11. How to get necessary information is critical for you, how do you solve the problem?
12. Avoid the waste of time and money is one of the keys to succeed, what you have done and what to do next?
13. There are few bad people doing nothing good, what they could do is causing you trouble. How do you deal with it?
14. How to get the balance between hard work and enough rest?
15. Confidence and self-esteem are very important to run any business, how do you build them?
16. Healthy life needs body movement, what do you do so?
17. How do you deal with financial affair? What is your opinion?
18. Capital operation is the key to succeed, how do you do so?
19. The importance of markeing and sales
20. Continuous improvement

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