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Pacific Warriors

The US Marines in World War 2 - a pictorial tribute - was penned by Eric Hammell and is available on amazon.com. The author has penned 30 books to date with the same genre "combat history books". This particular book has very explicit and lavish illustrations and is a wonderful tribute to the men who went to war against the Japanese army.

There are over 300 combat photographs within this beautiful book, many which have never been seen or published before, which capture these men from their first days of training right through to the brave battles in Iwo Jim and Okinawa. The books commences with the troops of pre-war times and their rapid growth from a two-regiment force up to a force with six divisions and its own air force.

This book is a beautiful tribute to the "soldiers of the sea", the Americans who have fought for their country's freedom in the face of vast odds. The book is a very vivid picture which portrays these brave marines island-hopping and gives a very deep and true feeling of just how much they had to endure.

A beautiful book which celebrates the valor, skills and complete perseverance of the "soldiers of the sea" - the American Marines. A highly recommended read to anyone interested in history, humanity and a tribute to the bravery of these people.

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