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I Think About The Love!!!
(alice martins)

I think
about the love, when I am in contact with Nature, why I

remember the necessity of to preserve it for proper
survival and

linking me with the Creative


I think
about the love, when the joy beats to my door, asking for so that it

delays how
much it will be able. I think about the love, when the sadness

tries to
make nest in my heart, reacting so that it goes even so.


I think
about the love, each time that presencio aged people to speak of

experiences of life, therefore know that they deserve affection, respect



I think
about the love, whenever I see children, why I know that they

are the
hope of tomorrow better. Therefore we must take care of of their

limits with
constant zeal, energy and much love?


I think
about the love, each time that I think about the human beings,

why are my
loved brothers of the eternity glorious?


I always
think about the love, therefore, I know that only the love is

our anchor
of salvation!


kiss in the
heart. It visits: http://universoafim.blogspot.com



alice martins

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