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The Great Gatsby
(Fitzgerald, Francis Scott)

Only two books dispute the epitome ofBook of 20th century. Ulisses by James Joyce and The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

The word ´Gatsby´ is today bigger than a book. It is a concept ? a concept of class. Restaurants and hotels use the label Gatsby when they want to assume a pattern of certain sophistication. ? something Fitzgerald couldn?t predict as he died convinced he was a literary failure. in the book, we have a perfect portrait of the history of United States in their twenties, especially in the parties Gatsby gives filled with velocity where people drink and dance all night. The emptiness they feel afterwards is filled with another party and another drink.

But The Great Gatsby wouldn?t have been consideredone of the bestpieces of literature of all times if it was just aboutAmerica. The Great Gatsby talks about human nature and its endless optimistic belief in dreams -and the cruel way the world breaks the dreamers. Gatsby´s dream is to recapture the girl of his dreams, Daisy. Five years ago they were lovers, but Daisy didn?t marry Gatsby because he hadn?t enough money. While Gatsby goes to the war, she marries the former polo player Tom Buchanan. In the five years of their marriage, Gatsby becomes a tycoon. He then buys a house near Daisy, and next to her cousin, Nick (the narrator) ? so that one day by becoming Nick´s friend he impresses Daisy with his new richness.
The illusion of Gatsbyof returning to thepast is in the last beautiful pages of the book described as a universal illusion:
"So we beat on, boats against the current, born back ceassely into the past."

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