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Despite I said the languages of the men and the angels, and he did not have love, he would be as the metal that sounds or as the bell that clinks. E despite it had dom of the prophecy, and knew all the mysteries and all science, and despite the faith had all, in way such that carried mounts and did not have the love, nothing would be. E despite my richness for sustenance of the poor persons distributed all, and despite it delivered my body to be burnt, and did not have the love, nothing of this would use to advantage me. The love is sofredor, is benign; the love is not envious; the love does not deal with levity, not if ensoberbece. Not door with indecency, does not search its interests, is not annoyed, not suspicion badly; Not recess with justice, but recess with the truth; Everything suffers, everything believes, all wait, everything supports. The love never fails; but having prophecies they will be verwhelmed; Because, in part, we know, and in part we augur; But, when to come what he is perfect, then what it is in part will be verwhelmed. When I age boy, spoke as boy, felt as boy, discoursed as boy, but soon I arrived to be man, I finished with the boy things, For now we see for mirror in enigma, but then we will see face the face; now I know in part, but then I will know as well as I am known. Now, therefore, they remain the faith, the hope and the love, these three, but of these are the love.

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