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A Moreninha
(Joaquim Manuel de Macedo)

The Moreninha
Joaquim Manuel de Macedo
The day of Sant'Ana if approaches, the student of Filipe medicine, invites the colleagues Leopoldo, Fabrício and Augustus for the commemoration in the island, where deferred payment its grandmother. The students accept the invitation with enthusiasm, less August. Filipe, speaks of the sunday ball, where they will be its cousins Joana and Joaquina and its D.Carolina sister.
Augustus finishes agreeing, but he says that never one same young woman namorou during 15 days. The youngsters bet that the friend will be gotten passionate during 15 days for an only woman. If this to occur, will have to write a romance, senão Filipe will write.
Before the Fabrício departure the Augustus sends a letter asking for to it aid to get rid itself of the namorada Joana. If finding in the island, the colleague denies the aid and the hour of the supper, Fabrício becomes public the loving inconstância of the friend.
Later, Augustus counts the D.Ana that its heart already has owner; a girl who, by chance, found to the 13 years, in a beach. The youngster does not forget e to it, as he does not know its name, starts to treat it for my woman. While he tells history, pressente that somebody is listening. He sights the sister of Filipe at a distance, a success between the youngsters, in special, Fabrício, gotten passionate for the gestures and peraltices of the Moreninha candy.
Arrived the hour of the farewells, Augustus does not obtain to think about another thing senão in D.Carolina. He remembers yourself of the meiguice of the girl, when this washed the feet of the slave, who passed badly in the island for having drunk beyond the account. He returns in the sunday, making right new meeting for the end of the week. The Moreninha corresponds to all the galanteios, yearning for for the return. However the father of the youngster, when visiting it, decides to hinder the return to the island.

Augustus is so abated, being necessary the presence of a doctor. In the island, the Moreninha if despairs when knowing that the youngster is sick. In the sunday, the boat is placed in the rochedo, waiting, while it sings the ballad of the Ahy indian on the love of the native for the Aiotin indian. In the song, the beautiful tamoia indian of 15 years tells that the loved one, come to the island to hunt, never note its presence, exactly when the abated birds collect it or refresh fronte of the warrior, asleep in the grotto. Everything this removes the joy of living of the girl who, tired of being ignored, cries on the rochedo, forming a source. The indian, sleeping in the grotto, finishes drinking the tears of the young and passes, first to perceive it in the rochedo, later hearing its sings e, finally, when he drinks of the source, for it if he gets passionate. Old frade Portuguese translates the song of Ahy for our language, composing the ballad that the Moreninha sings.
Suddenly, Carolina locates Augustus and the father in the boat that if approaches to the island. D.Ana invites them for the lunch and the Moreninha, asked for in marriage, gives a stated period of half hour to give the reply, going for the grotto of the garden, where it has the source of Ahy. The youngster asks if he desires to consult the source, but D.Ana, certain of the reply, asks to it if it does not desire, also, to reflect in the garden and it part immediately.
It finds the girl who, cruel, remembers it the made promise, in infancy, next to the stream bed of the dying. Censorship it for lacking to the love of that one to who flame of its woman. Overwhelming, the youngster contests it, affirming if to deal with an oath made in infancy and to be unaware of the paradeiro of the girl. The Moreninha says that it stimulated its love for vanity of young woman and knowing of its inconstância. It fought to conquer it and it desires to know, now, who earned, the man or the woman. Augustus answers that the beauty. Carlina counts to have heard told history the D.Ana and insists on the fulfilment of promessa.O youngster to abandon the city and the country. Exactly that it found the girl, would ask for pardon to it for having if gotten passionate for another one. Suddenly, it pulls out underneath of of the shirt the briefing with the emerald for astonishment of the Moreninha.
Filipe, Fabrício and Leopoldo return to the island for the preparations of the marriage and, they remember the Augustus of the romance and it it answers that already it wrote and that the Moreninha is called.

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