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Tara Road
(Maeve Binchy)

Danny has just told Ria that his 22 years? old girlfriend is pregnant and so he is leaving Tara Road, which has been home for Ria, but now will have to be sold.Ria has to rewrite her life's story and that of her children. And she has to that without Danny, who says he has fallen out of love.How can he say that? Ria has always thought she had all she could hope for ? a lovely house, a loving husband, wonderful children and very good friends.Her life is so different from Gertie?s, whose children are at her mother?s, because no one knows when Jack will be losing his head and hitting her hard.
Or Hillary, living with a husband who says there is no need for a sex life, because there will never be children.Or Rosemary, an important name in the printing business, an expensive house with a garden, but it seems she cannot meet the right man.And Ria?s kitchen is the right place to meet ? she is always cooking something and so the smells are wonderful!But it seems that doesn?t mean anything to Danny, who claims Ria has never paid any attention to him and his needs.But life goes on and when Marilyn phones from the United States, looking for Danny, as she wants to spend a few weeks in Ireland and needs a house, Ria proposes an exchange ? Marilyn will come to Tara Road and Ria will go to Marilyn?s home in the United States.And all turns out for the best ? both women heal their wounds.Marilyn is now able to talk to her husband, as she has accepted their son?s death and for Ria, now that Danny has gone bankrupt, she has to work and move to a smaller house.With the help of her friends, she is going to set up a catering company, because that?s what she does best ? cooking!

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