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Tarot : Oracles And Councils For Every Day

You are given opportunities everyday to run the majority of your life. Yes, that''s how everthing starts, after you open this book, in this sweet way, the welcome.... And why not, I ask myself. It simply is used to give me the opportunity to in a way, all the days of my life, to change the majority of it. In the end, the book: Oracles and Counsils For Every day is a book that is not only sweet, but is also agreeable in the card of the sun above fire blue turquiose and red, a caption log living and resistant of warmth, with satin paper, which I invite (given it''s size and resistence) a continuation of the way most traveled, your moments most confusing moments; assuming, it is sweet inside as well, and heavy: what are you referring to? What I am refferring is that book is more difficult to use. The Rader-Waite, is more easy to use, and has good authority. This was created by astrologer Hajo Banzhaf, considered German like most authorities on the subject. But like I said, in the 78 cards Archan and major and Minor, of the Tarot more popular  in the world, is Raider-Waite, and each one of it''s cards encourages an image of meditation, a question, a prdiction, a adversary, all help you in your day in the most positive way. I want invite you to consider the question and decide sincerely, if this is for you. Happy Future.

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