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The Holy Bible
(Kaethe E. Schulz)

                      Of all the books man has  written, there is no one book with all wisdom. There is not? Oh yes there is! The Holy Bible. This book can be considered  the source of wisdom. The Bible has the answer to everything. If you look enough you will fnd the answer. No kidding!    
                  People use the Bible to support whatever they are saying.  But it supports only one thing. That God is god all by himself and no one is needed to help G od. If he created the world in 7 days ( not literal time) there is nothing too hard for Him. Who is Him! well God of course.
                  God? Yes. some people call Him the man upstairs! Why upstairs? Maybe what goes up is good and what falls down is   normally bad. I dunno. That is only a suggestion.
                   If you need nice words to say to your girlfriend, look in the Bible. It is there. If you want to prove that women should not wear   pants. Look in the Bible , it is there.
                   The sad thing is that we can use the Bible to prove almost anything - good or bad. Sad but true.

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