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Shakespeare saw life as a drama so his characters were always lurched in the labyrinths of life, here drama and life are entwined : They would incessantly plot to find an outlet but always entrapped most hellishly without even a hope to transcend their situation.
        Among these wretched lot the name Macbeth stood out for he had life not as a billiard play but a mountaineering with neither hooks and nor props. Exigencies are  the core of this journey and  thus to say, he was heading for doom. Desire pushed him to further the material boundaries( he become King) and his wife ,Lady Macbeth was the catalyst to hook his heart to big things in life. The instinctual drives can dominate our sensibility and turn us into slaves of it. Macbeth was a slave to his desire and he had no choice except to give himself to the evil .These evils are there even in the opening of the play itself.   
      The play offers multilevel reading and can even communicate with any society on the earth. For human situation is same be it in US or UK since we have certain commonly shared legacies among them desire to mount the high notches of society happens every where. When Macbeth kills Duncan he  has modern day counterparts also.      In the  pursuit of power and money we are oblivious to values , so Macbeth communicates with the core of humanity and its libidinal drive to dominate on one another in the name of money and fame. This drama goes on and the curtain never falls as every generation has the immense potential to produce new many Macbeths. Please read the work and find you in it because  the sorry state of human situation was best expressed in Macbeth.

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