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U.s. Immigration And Naturalization Laws And Issues: A Documentary History
(Lemay, Michael, and Elliott Robert Barkan (ed.).)

Michael Lemay and Elliott Robert Barkan have co-edited an extensive account of the history of United States immigration and naturalization laws and issues in U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Laws and Issues: A Documentary History.  Mainly intended for students, the book is also an invaluable resource for people from all backgrounds who are deeply interested in the naturalization process in the United States. 
     This volume presents the basic documents that are essential to examine as well as understand the immigration and naturalization policies of the nation from colonial times to the year 1996.  The editors have included every major law or the key sections of almost every major law enacted by the federal government and related to the subject.  Given that some of the laws presented in this volume actually covered hundreds of pages in the United States Code of Statutes, the editors have excerpted only the key provisions that characterize such laws.  In addition to the laws, the volume describes the key issues revolving around the immigration and naturalization process in the United States in different eras.  The editors have also included cases of immigration and naturalization in order to further help the research process in the area.  The following are the four parts that the volume is divided into: (1) The Era of Unrestricted Entry and Unrestricted Admission?Colonial Period to 1880; (2) Limited Naturalization, Unlimited Immigration?1880 to 1920; (3) Restrictions, Refugees, and Reform?1920 to 1965; and (4) Immigration and Naturalization in an Age of Globalization?1965 to 1996.

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