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Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Da vinci Code penned by the well known author of THE DECEPTION POINT, Dan Brown aroused interests around the globe. This revolves around the mysterious death of a well known historian, you can say, in the Louvre Museum, Paris.

The book opens with  very dramatic lines and can easily caprure one''s attention. The person who killed the historian escapes and the murdered draws inetersting and baffling symbols on the floor of his death. Also the most interesting fact the investigators see is that he had aligned himself like the VITRUVIAN MAN in a circle......

The plot increases tension in you when the two protoganists called Robert Langdon and Sophie arrive to the spot. The story entwines and comes to such a spot where one might not leave the book at all. The story dates back to the Black Friday and also the famous painter, Leonardo Da vinci''s works.

Many questions will surface when you read this book.....like, was Jesus married? He has a holy line now which is actually protected by a secret society? And many more.....

On the whole, you can read the book casually and neednt take things serious....it has a very good knit of story......

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