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Girl, Interrupted
(Susanna Kaysen)

This is a book based from the real life story of the author herself, Susanna Kaysen at her 18 months stay at the Claymoore mental hospital. She was rushed to the hospital because she was experiencing delusions after taking the combined vodka and a bottle of aspirin. Gastric Lavage was performed on her that?s why she was able to survive. It was noted that it was a suicide attempt. Susanna was having an affair with her family?s friend and also she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality. Upon entering the mental hospital institution, Susanna met different types of people with different types of personalities. There she met Daisy, a girl molested and abused by her father, Polly with a serious burned injury on her face and loves cats seems to be different. Lisa is a very rude girl who loves to lie and harass people around her. Lisa likes to play jokes around a patient charge nurse, Nurse Valerie, who has her own way of caring and looking beyond other patients? feelings and perceptions. Lisa is a very troubled girl who likes to manipulate other patients and nurses including Susanna. She even invited Susanna to sneak out at the patients? record section and to know what?s written behind their own records. They became successful in knowing their individual diagnoses. Everyday is a challenge for Susanna, dealing with Lisa. Lisa asked Susanna to escape. Both of them visited Daisy?s apartment after Daisy?s discharged, knowing that Daisy has already recovered. Lisa talks so badly at Daisy until both Lisa and Susanna were surprised few moments after, Daisy hanged herself at the bathroom. Susanna tried to talk about Lisa?s ill behavior regarding other people and told her that ?her heart is cold?. Lisa managed to escape, but on the other hand, Susanna returned to the hospital. Soon after, the police were able to catch Lisa and returned her to the mental institution. When Susanna was about to be discharged, she visited Lisa, seeing her with restraints on her four extremities. Lisa just went out to the mental hospital. There she went back home and realizing that though patients have illness of the mind, they have feelings too like her, as she has experienced and kept them all deep inside her heart.

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