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Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Da Vinci Code has been beautifully written by Dan Brown. The author has presented his facts so well that nobody can ignore or defy them. He has brought hidden truth to surface. Also the way the story proceeds creates suspense and arouse curosity among the readers to such an extent that one might feel restless till he does''nt finish reading it.
A mention of pre-christianity religion as followed by the character Jacques Souvinere and other members of secret society and its link with some of  the finest works of art like Mona Lisa the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci makes the author''s arguments stronger.

One can actually feel himself very much there in that era with Mr. Robert Langdon and Miss Sophie searching the truth about the holy grail. The codes and symbols used and the way Mr. Langdon and Miss sophie decipher them is awesome.
How Mr. Jacques Souvienere protects the key stone and the way he guides Mr. Langdon and Miss Sophie to find it is really very interesting. Description of various places and churches makes you feel that you have yourself been there. The readers can feel their heart beating faster with every twist and turn.
It is a "MUST BE READ" kind of work indeed very beautifully written. 

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