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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
(Jk Rowling)

To all Harry Potter lovers worldwide the 21st of july was a very symbolic date because it was the date that the final book of the enthralling series that had captivated readers all over the world was released. Rowling could not have finished the book more splendidly and indeed I am forced to admit that she has surpassed all expectations. Harry Potter has lived true to his name as the boy who lived and he has done so not only in the book but also in reality for  the memory of Harry Potter will continue to linger in our minds for many more generations to come. Jk Rowling carved a very brilliant finish and with the true masterstroke of a genius she has brought the book to a beautiful close and for this I give her a standing ovation. I am an ardent reader of books and in my 10 years of reading I have never seen a book with a plot as intricate as that of Harry Potter. Suffice to say that Harry Potter is the one of the greatest bestsellers of all times and I am led to conclude that JK rowling has magic in her hands. Harry Potter is responsible for the conversion of many of today''s youths and for the magic this book has worked, I think the world owes JK Rowling. I find nothing to criticize in the book for I am certain it lacks nothing. It is rich in suspense, action and a lot of excitement. The climax of the novel brings one to a state of extreme anticipation, one that I can only accurately describe with these words NAILBITING. I am of the opinion that Rowling has done very well and I hope we see many more like her in the years to come. I do not know about you but JK Rowling has brought out the magic in me and for this I am grateful.

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