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Vidas Secas
(Graciliano Ramos)

Dry lives, 
of Graciliano Ramos  
Word-key: country, it evaporates, poverty, retirantes  
            It is a soap opera that treats of the history of a family of country that, pursued by the drought, they are forced her eternal pilgrims they be turned in search of a better place to live. 
            It was adapted for the movies in 1963 for NELSON PEREIRA DOS SANTOS with enormous success. The film received many prizes, as the one of Cannes in 1964. They participated in the production ÁTILA IÓRIO, MARIA RIBEIRO, ORLANDO MACEDO and JOFRE SOARES.  
            The history rotates around Fabiano, Sinhá Vitória and the two children, which are not nominated. Another prominence character is the cachorra you/he/she Shoots. 
            Coerced by the drought, they abandon the farm where you/they worked and they follow savanna out until they find another place for if they fasten temporarily. 
            There are faithful descriptions on the landscape of the semi-arid, with your mandacaru feet, stony soil and urubus. Practically dialogues don''t exist between Fabiano and your family; they are animalized, they just emit rough and primitive sounds. The communication is not sufficiently developed by the miserable Northeasterners - they resemble each other to the hominídeos that you/they inhabited the caves in the prehistory. 
            In your new home, the couple continues your suffered life, feeding badly and getting dressed worse. Fabiano, always drinking, he/she wraps up in problems with a guard. The family is going to the party of Christmas in the city; popular party, of charm for the boys and of spree for Fabiano. The cachorra Whale gets sick and Fabiano kills her - that chapter denominated " Whale " is one of the most touching of the book, describing with details the animal poor feelings. 
            Finally, impelled once again by the drought, the retirantes arrange your belongings and they take the road of the South, dreaming and doing conjectures on the big city: your next destiny - not only yours, but the one of practically all the country ones hopeless and eradicated of your earth.  
            DRY LIVES are considered by many Graciliano Ramos'' masterpiece. The narrative is brief and direct, with free chapters. The language is objective, with few adjectives, nude and raw as the protagonists'' of the history life. 
            It is well a drama built and the production in that the more author wraps up emotionally with your characters'' acrities. 
Written by Rabelais,  
In 16/08/07 
[email protected]

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