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Great Gatsby The Book Compared To The Film

The fact that I did not enjoy reading The Great Gatsby is irrelevant to
the fact that I hated the movie. Though I didn?t enjoy the content of
the book, I respect Fitzgerald. I respect the honesty that is reflected
in his writing style. I respect the depiction of the era in which The
Great Gatsby took place. This movie is an unbelievably terrible attempt
at bringing this book on screen. The major insights made in the book
don?t even have references made to them in the movie. The viewer never
truly gets the feeling that he or she is in Nick?s head nor would the
viewer understand the complexity of Daisy and Gatsby?s relationship had
the viewer not read the book.

The primary flaw with the movie is the unrealistic dialogue. Despite
the cast of highly acclaimed actors, each conversation seemed staged
and unnatural. Daisy?s frequent expressions were almost comical, as
were the scenes that Tom was supposed to be in a rage. It truly was
almost painful to watch parts of this movie.

The movie also lacked a deeper meaning. The clearest theme that the
movie presented was that of how money cannot buy happiness. Other
important themes, like the difficulty with confronting the truth, or
the disillusion of the times, were poorly represented. I concluded the
reason being was because these themes were explored within the mind of
Nick. In the book, Nick is a slightly dull bystander, who happens to
fall into the world of these crazed lovers. But Nick is the reader?s
link to the truth. He is able to see things, and make sense of them for
the reader. The movie does not create such a character for Nick. He is
much to boring to focus on, considering Robert Redford plays opposite
him as Gatsby. Redford?s good looks and far more interesting character
are a much more profitable investment. Therefore the viewer is robbed
of the many 1920 ideals explored by Fitzgerald.

In all honesty, our group could not even bring ourselves to finishing
the movie. The movie droned on and on, and we had a lot of other things
to do. Even though I said I did not enjoy the content of this book, I
value the many lessons it attempted to relay to the reader. Lessons
like the ease of becoming disillusioned with love and money, the
dangers of conforming to what others deem as appropriate, or failing to
appreciate the natural and good amenities of life. The movie totally
fails to teach any of those things. Considering that I did not like the
story line, watching the movie was a complete waste of time for it did
not show the few things I did like.

As a general rule, though, there is no comparison between a novel and
its film. When reading, it is the reader that decides which theme is
most important, and it is the reader?s insight that makes the book
interesting. When one watches a movie, all of that is decided for the
viewer, and the entire thought process is no longer pertinent. So, READ

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