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I Came, I Saw, Iphone

So I wandered over to Suhaan''s desk yesterday to discuss our tender list and was stunned to see an iPhone on his desk. Now, Suhaan has barely been visible in recent weeks for all the gadgets on his desk but an iPhone?

My first reaction - ''how did that get here?'' - was quickly superceded by another: ''wow, that screen is absolutely covered in fingerprints''.
I had about 10 minutes to play with it before someone else came along to drool so what follows is more of a first impression than a proper review.
To begin with, the iPhone is a really well-designed object. It''s slimmer than I thought it would be and the screen, once I''d scrubbed all those fingerprints off with the cloth provided, is so sharp that hardly looks real.
The interface is completely intuitive. I was able to work the iPhone without giving a moment''s thought to what the controls might be. Manipulating pictures, websites and maps is brilliantly simple.
However - and, again, remember that I''m basing this on 10 minutes of playing around - I can''t help feeling that the iPhone is a triumph of form over function.
Sure, the screen is pin-sharp but the pictures themselves - if they''ve been taken with the iPhone camera - are mediocre. Yes, Google Maps is easy to manipulate via the touch screen but it''s annoying that I have to tell the Phone where I am. What if I don''t know where I am?
Undoubtedly the internet looks just like it does on a computer but, on a screen this size, there''s a lot of scrolling around and without 3G (or access to a wireless network) the experience is an unpleasant flashback to the days of dial-up internet access.
OK it''s an iPod but I''ve got one of those already - it has ten times the storage of the iPhone and it''s already full. If Apple think 8gb is enough for me to store music, movies and photos they are sadly mistaken.
The iPhone is without doubt the phone of the future but you know what? The future isn''t here yet.
At lunchtime I went out and bought myself a Nokia N95 on an 18 month contract. When that runs out maybe, maybe, the latest model of the iPhone will be a worthy replacement.

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