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Simple English

A simple language is the need of the day.          =AJRAVAL.
The English word alphabet is derived from the first two letters alpha, beta of the Latin alphabet.    The English spelling is in much need of general over-hauling and streamlining.  As an analytic body we would suggest that the Secretary General of the UNO inaugurate a National Easy English Week outlining some short-cut to an easy practical English convenient to follow in the day to day affairs of our life.
So many languages, so many grammar have to be virtually crammed to learn so many languages- all this is a real waste of human energy.  With the advent of the Internet, there has been a communication-revolution.  The world has become small like a Tennis-ball.  The world has come to us in the form of a cyber-village.  There is no dearth of contacts and customers.  The computer language is ideal for its simplicity  worthy to be considered as an alternative to the congested and clumsy literary form we have used for ages.  Presently Computer-language is in crude form. With usage and constant touch with world countries it will improve in kind and quality.  With constant usage it will achieve finesse and artfulness by contribution from various sources of comments and criticism of world dignitaries. 
In addition to English, the French, Spanish German Italian Russian Chinese, Indian,  among others can be called the leading languages which majority of people speak. They are open to changes and simplification.  They are easy in learning it.
No country is willing to forego their claim to be considered to be the world-language.  The UNO at the helm of the affairs of the world should come forward and increase the usage of a particular language to be the Lingua-Franca that is the world language.    
Now let us consider a few prominent languages hypothetically in the race to qualify for the world language.  Say English, French and Spanish languages are in the race for final selection of one language for day-to-day world transactions.  In respect of all the foregoing three languages, it can be said that their grammar, rules of usage are very clumsy hard lengthy and difficult to learn within a certain short spell of life.
The French is a literary lucrative lavish language meant for writers and poets.  The Spanish is almost similar to French with some difference here and there.  German and English are derived from the same mother language.
It is said that of all the languages, English is the difficult and toughest language to master.  It has lot of irregular verbs words, irregular grammar practices, irregular pronunciation and irregular construction of sentences. English spelling are irregular and vary occasionally in different context. GBShaw, the great literary scholar on English on many occasions advocated a simple language easy in the reach and understanding of everyone.  Let there be a language which the world people can understand and learn with less difficulty.

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