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Tartuffe is written by Molieré. It is a story of a household that is deceived by a guy named Tartuffe.  The characters are Madame Pernelle the Granny, Orgon the father,  Elmire Orgon?s wife, Mariane the daughter, Damis the son, Dorine the maid, Cléante, Orgon?s brother-in-law, Valére Mariane?s fiancé, and Tartuffe the major character who tries to deceive everybody and get advantage of their foolishness.     The plot starts with Madame Pernelle visiting her son?s house and criticizing all the members of that house because they blame Tartuffe as a fake and hypocritical character. Madame Pernelle gets angry and does not even listen a word they are saying, and then leaves the house. After she leaves, Cléante and Dorine start to talk about Tartuffe and how he deceives Orgon. Nobody in the family but Orgon likes Tartuffe and believes he is one of the best servants of God with the purest heart and interest. Damis, the son is nervous because he thinks his father can prevent his sister?s wedding plans with Valére and indirectly his plans to get married to Valére?s sister. That?s why Damis convinces Cléante to question Orgon about his promise to allow his daughter to marry Valére. After a while, Orgon comes home and questions the maid Dorine about Tartuffe?s health while his wife is the one who does not feel good. Orgon seems unconcerned about it, though. All he cares about is Tartuffe and Tartuffe only. Then Cléante asks Orgon about the upcoming wedding of his daughter and Orgon seems to pay no attention to the subject and answers the questions indirectly saying it is heavens? call to decide who gets married with whom.  Cléante suspects there is something?s going on. When Mariane arrives, Orgon reveals himself and tells his daughter that he is planning to make Tartuffe his family member and the best way to do it, is to make him his son-in-law which suggests that Mariane and Tartuffe should get married. Mariane cannot believe her ears but unable to stand up for herself. That is when Dorine, the maid comes in and thinks everything is a joke. Then realizes Orgon is serious about this wedding and gets angry because Mariane does not refuse his father proposal. After a while, Valére arrives and accuses Mariane with being OK and happy about his father?s decision. After a long ?lovers? discussions?, Dorine interrupts their quarrel and promises that she will do anything to prevent that marriage from ever happening. In the next scene, we see Damis hiding and spying on Tartuffe who comes on to Orgon?s wife Elmire. Damis uses the situations as an opportunity despite of Elmire?s warnings and tells Tartuffe on his father. Unfortunately Orgon, blindly believes in Tartuffe does not believe his own son and kicks him out of his house. Then Orgon suggests that he will make his family more jealous of Tartuffe by making Tartuffe his sole heir and son-in-law. Then both of them leave the house to execute the plan. Cléante tries to convince Orgon that Tartuffe is a fake but fails. When Elmire hears what Orgon plans to do, she says that she can prove that Tartuffe is a hypocritical person and acts like she is in love with Tartuffe. Hiding under the table, Orgon at last sees Tartuffe?s real face and sends away; however, Tartuffe says that he is the one who should leave for everything belongs to him. At that moment, Orgon understands his mistake and starts to worry about his little secret that he has shared with Tartuffe long ago.  After a while, Tartuffe comes with an officer and says that Orgon is under arrest of hiding some papers from the king. While Orgon thinks that everything collapses around him, the officer says that Tartuffe is the one who is under arrest and Orgon is free to go. That is the happy ending.

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