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Twenty Questions


Well the most direct means of seeking reassurance. The questions go more or less like this:

1. Do you love me?
2. Do you still love me?
3. Do you love as much as when we first met>
4. If there were fire, woukd you rescue me first? or you files?
5. Why do you love me, excatly?
6. Would you still love me if i were old and wrinkled?
7. Would you still love me if I were in an automobile''s accident and got scarred for life?
8. Do I still turn you on as much as she did when we first met?
9. Do i turn you on more than she did?
10. Am i pretty?
11. Do i look okay?
12. Do you think i look fat?
13. Am i as pretty as she is?
14. Am i good in bed?
15. Am i better in bed than any woman you''ve ever been with?
16. Do you think i should get a nose job?
17. Would you still love me if i went to work/quit my job?
18. Do you think anybody in the world''s ever been as much in love as we are?
19. If i died/left you, what would you?

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