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The Magic Of Thinking Big
(David Schward)

                                     DO NOT BE AFRAID TO START
             Nothing is achieved except gradual steps are taken in every area of life. Dreams , visions or talents cannot be accomplished if hands are folded , legs crossed or head bowed. Dreams , visions or talents will become paralysed and accomplishments in life caged if one doesn't dare to begin.
             Before a baby is born , there must be a pregnancy which develops on a gradual process, until the baby is delivered when its time is due. The baby continues to develop, and after sometime, it begins to crawl and walk.
              When going up a storey building , the right path is through the staircase , which has to be climbed gradually .
               Any attempt to jump can be very dangerous . Many people who made names in their generations started by taking gradual steps . If you aren't ready to begin from a particular point,you might end up being disabled in terms of your dreams ,visions or talents.    
              The biggest glory awaits those who are readyu to begin,no matter how small.

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