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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (english)
(J. K. Rowling)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (the English version) is number six in the series of the Harry Potter books and we once again are dealing with his education at Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry. In this book Harry is maturing which is evident in the tone. Hormones rage and various couples are established firmly in this book. It is furthermore a brutal book and descriptions are stronger, for instance a very graphic description is made about the time Harry breaks his nose, as opposed to former books where he would simply wake up in the hospital wing without further description. The story lets us keep the illusion that the age Harry has is also the correct age to read this book. The narrative style is typically Rowling and contains much of her sense og humour. You would have to be fairly good at English to understand certain of the humorous notes but if that is no problem you will be given lots of opportunities to laugh, even though the plotline might not suggest it. Rowling has that certain way of weaving in strands of humour in the story by just plotting it in here and there without much ado. The nerves are on high speed and the book delivers a good rollercoast sense with a very late point of no return. Many loose ends are finished in this book and in comparison to the earlier books not many are opened. She does however close up some ends with the result of leaving clues to both former and future books in the series, and you are left inspired to re-read the books as new information is continously popping up. The book has 30 chapters and fills around 600 pages and could be very difficult to read even in Danish and I would suggest that kids without very good English skills wait for the Danish translation coming in October, as it would be a big mouthfull to start reading, even as a project. If you wish to read Harry Potter to enhance your English skills I suggest you start with Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone.

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