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''''because Of My Stories''''

                       One very dark night,when the wind blows so hard,on a not really big house a little girl named Shiela.She has twin sister named Jessa and Jesica.Sheila likes telling horror stories to her twin sister.And that night Sheila tell story again,,                      Sheila:you know jessa,when the night is so dark like now,all the monster are waiting for little girls like you to sleep,then while your sleeping,,,BOOM!!!                                         And the twin scream as loud as they can and run as fast as they can!!!!!      Twin:aaaahhhh!!!!!!!monster!!!!!!!mommy help!?!?!AaaaaaaAhhhhh!!!!                                  But suddently there mother  heard and saw the twins and,,,,,,,,                              Mother:what''s happening here?????why the two of you are shouting???                    Twins:its bacause of ate!!!!!!                                                                              Mother:Sheila!!!!! whats another story did you tell to your sisters??well i wont wait you answer anyway!!!!and girls,your all suppose to be sleeping by this time,,!go to your room now!!!!                                                                                                              Girls:yes mom!!!!                                                                                                          Sheila has been awaken by a undefined force,and couldn''t back to sleep.And bacause that she decide to go to her uncles house...                           sp;                                           Sheila:may be i can go to my uncle"s house!!!there''s a lot of candies and toys there!!!right!!!i have to go!?!?!!!                                                                                      While walking goes to uncles house,she was pass by a big balate tree,when,,(someones call her).......  Ppppssssstt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                          Sheila:who''s that?that''s not funny!!!show your self!!!!!                                                     But no ones answer...............                                                                                     (Sheila start felt afraid.....)                                                                                          the wind blow so hard that make''s Sheila scream and run!!!!!!                    Sheila:AaaaaaaaaaaAHhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!                                                              Sheila got tierd and sit on a big-big rock but a big hand cover w/blood and has a sharp nails surprise her and trying to fetch her!!!!!                                                   Sheila:AAAaaa

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