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Pacific War

Pacific War, the Americans are discharged on Jwando Irah. We are in 1943. The Deuchland beat in retire. The Japan resist. Sovietics and Americans fight.The last offensive Japanese of scope sharp. A 305, a 257, five 146! The half-auto on the right ! The sergent knit one ?s brows. And ... on the crest ! the one hundred and twenty Japanese to great full, sergent ! The supplementary units by the left... ten tanks ! The sergent acquiese slowly, then, given the intructions to a young assistant camp, he ?ll rub the noze, gulp down a glassful of acohol and give the command to regiment to re-start. A black of one twenty year old cut him the way. Man, man! There are a bone ! The sergent observed the way before him. It?s what this means! Who are you soldier ! Number 425, eleventh regiment navy infantry, sir! Your regiment must be in action ! Where is the Donnuts Captain ? Decimate... The capt is dead, it?s the commandant Malone who told me of.... A bomb pull down to fifty meters of here in the dreadful vacarm. ? Shit of Japs ! Greg ! Eh! The engine gunners, avance your ass! Fucking shit! The young black take off his helmet in a hasty gest. Misters! We must stay in action have tell the commandant! The thirty three go pass to attack in a half an hour. Prepare a shell of big caliber make an passage in the vegetation of one small wood of palm in threw up thin dust. Numer 425! Return tell to commandant Malone that I take the Japs by the right ! A string of shell fell down before the regiment suprise in precipitate a enorm layer of land in the suflating air. Shit, it was a 305! Sergent, we must go! Malone will be without us! We don?t have ... A projectil explosed in a group of coconuts, pulverize the trees. Regiment, in way ! Fucking shit! His sentence was all just finish when a downpour of steal fell down on the troops more avanced it, and protect only a small wall. The floor was hacked and a escouad of engine gunners equally decimate. To land ! Shit ! Set you at level to floor ! The evil finished well by start, look like to search this prey then, futher seconds more later, a ten shell do disappear the behind of regiment, choose to hazard in the ranks of Navy. Altrought a tangle fo lianas and of lush vegetation, a strongly noise was eard : the vehicule of eleventh started ! Resist to that ! And you resisted at all! The sergent went tell other thing but the shots restart in worst, of concert with a staccato of guns and machine guns. The smoke was dense, cerning the troops laid , each to protected like he could it. The one hide his head to dip of helmet, an other laid on the big fern of small wall, an other again find a shelter to same the floor, in the land disembowel. Finaly, the position became unholdable that a crowd of soldier take the flight, running in all sens, choked. The mass of fantassin, skin by the bombardment, hadn?t resist a quarter hour without the sergent?s determination. Fucking shit, dirty conard ! hide you! To floor! The Japs aren?t more of twentieth shells to shot ! But the shrill whistle of projectil and the noise of bombs dug the land cut his parol. To each time, he repeat the same sentence, the eyes big opened, the raspy tongue.

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