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W Pustyni I W Puszczy
(henryk sienkiewicz)

There is main heroes of these novels pole Sta? Tarkowski and worked in africa at structure of channel small englishwoman case (together; time) it child Nel Rawlison.Ojcowie Sueskiego.Postanowili, that children have been abducted on holidays for on result of intrigue of child by invite certain time child orientate siebie.Jednak Arabów.Po, that they have been abducted and at first it has asked Sta? Nel, in order to it has lost gloves, in order to leave trails for it, there will be which (who) szuka?.Nieuda?o, because friend has recovered it (them) be for poor children dog comfort porywaczy.Jedyn? Saba, which (who) their pull down them for (after) sand recover (turn up) way meet (face each other) ?ladach.Po and then, they have covered sporting rifle test (try) to intercept in (to) sie jaskini.Sta?, but it has been tackled on hot uczynku and it tell him (it) wych?osta?, but girl in defense with (from) about transporting child for screening him (it) stand many difficulty reach leader arab psem.Po wedrówki Mahdiego.Zdecydowa? Smaina, which (who) wanted to convert (to exchange; to turn into) them on children and wife, which (who) stayed be at heaviest more Anglików.w?drówka, memorial < they (their) > dokucz? g?od and lev (lion) has attacked them pragnienie.Nast?pnie and one of arab wanted to throw on ravening it (him) black slave Gebhr Kalego, but it has not allowed on it Sta? and it has shot lion, then they were free Arabów.Dzieci, but return to house fall ill on fever wait they (their) still heavily ci?zka podró?.Wczasie Nel, but there was sole forceful medicine recover (turn up) in bush chinina.Sta? geografa-Lindego, which (who) has returned stockpile of medicine it (him) and it has saved life in (to) imprisoned stop also elephant''s < elephant > Nel wyzdrowia?a.Podczas Stas w?wozie and children have called him (it) must take care King.Sta? sie Newl and it hunted, in order to arrive at village earn far expensive (dear) < way > jedzenie.Podczas Kalego and he (it) has recovered authority due to their equipment (assistance) in (to) hungry further wiosce.Wedruj?c, weak and they have hit on wyci?czeni karawan?, which (who) as they have faced each other with fathers impressive sie szuka?a.Szcz??liwie and they have returned to house. I advice exact reading of book. < >

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