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Life Says Impossible?????????
(rahul kapoor...)

             """"""" life is great,,,,,
                                        make the most out of it ......."""""""""
LIFE is a moral  if we watch it optimisticaly.  it always wants to say anything to  us. but because of our nature,our environment, our feelings we cant see anything  about our life    still  we  are finding things for our goods only through horoscopes,astrology ,vastushastra. we always want to know our destinity that what is our future in it.we only depend on our fate , if any one says that our fate is good and  then we are very happy to hear that .  we think any magnificient chance comes to us and thats an opportunity by which we will do, till then  we wouldnt do any thing  and if any one says that your destinty is bad we would''nt do any thing  always think "our fate is bad ,our fate is bad"  by  which we cant do anything for  our life.    i only want to say that "''''if u can u can, if u cant u can''t "" 
      from the paragraph my main motive is   try to get whatever you like ,,,
                                                     otherwise you have to like whatever you got..........

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