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Self Help To English Conversation
(Rekha Chandra)

                                  Self Help To English Conversation
While going through the books in the library, I happened to look at this book ?Self help to English conversation?. It?s a book by Rekha Chandra in which she has beautifully put the essence of English language.  When in today?s world English is spoken in every field, every country and every job, this book will help in becoming more confident in conversing in English. As the name suggests this is the book in which step by step a person will learn different aspects of English language. She has given wonderful tips for learning quick English.  The emphasis is given on the style, expression, vocabulary and the use of the words. This book is not about just uttering words but about uttering words confidently. She has taught the methods to frame questions to others and also in responding to the questions when asked to do so. By the through study of the book, one can confidently narrate the incidents and situations of the normal day to today life. She has given the tips to master the language by getting over the shyness and hesitation.   
                            Step by step procedure of learning English is there in the book, starting from vowels to the consonants. And also where A, an, the can be used in the sentences. Proper assignments are given at the end of each lesson for the practice purposes so that a person can grasp the important thing by revising them. Through lessons on the parts of speech is given, use of the punctuation marks is also taught. Group discussion, pronunciation, phonetics, Idioms, proverbs, dialogues everything is covered in this book.
                           In short this book is for all those people who want to gain confidence and want to speak English properly. And also for those who lack the knowledge of using proper English Grammar.
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