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Racism And The Economy
(Ebije obi Nduka)

When I say this word ?Racism? want do I mean? So many people believe that the word Racism is about color. That is in simple English it is when people of different color or race discriminate against people that are of not the sane color with them. In my research and quest for world peace I came to understand that the meaning above is just a fraction of want racism means it not just about color, it goes beyond that, it is also about beliefs, culture and tradition, religions ethnicity etc. just to mention a few as we about to take these ride I want you to understand that the most dangerous weapon on our beloved world is our behavior, our attitude and the way we treat others if we  show love to every individual that comes our way, I don?t see why the world won?t be a better place.
Like I said earlier in quest for world peace, I did my research on my Country which happens to be the populous Black Nation on earth with a population of over 140 million people and over 300 ethnic tribes and also I took my quest to God?s own Country, were many is the assume that, highest form of racial abuse took place. After my research I came to understand that the assumption was false. Why? Because the racial abuse there was mainly on color that is Black and White.
So as you read these books, have in mine the answers to these Questions? how do we achieve World Peace? Is it by showing love? Is it my contributing? Is it by lending a helping hand? Or is by doing nothing, yes by doing nothing some people belief that they can never make a difference, they belief that the system is that way so they can?t contribute to it but what ever conviction you have always remember that God left us in unfinished world so we can share in the beauty of creation.
Before we start our journey to the discovery of a new world let first understand the meaning of the word Racism for it important u understand want it means before you start reading.
Racism is the unfair treatment of people who belong to a different race or violent behavior towards them. We can see that racism was derived form the word Race which in relation to people means one of the main groups that humans can be divided into according to their physical differences, for example the color of their skin, custom, religions beliefs, language, sex, history etc. so if you have treated some badly because of all of following mentioned earlier it only mean u are guilty of the word Racism and you can change it. So as I u start reading bear in mined that we can all contribute in getting rid of the word Racism form our world? 
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