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(Kim Ngan)

This is the book about our life. The life of a painter, a girl, a mother and anyone in this world.

The life of a painter surrounded by colors. He thinks everything about life could be explained by colors. Red is stand for victory and sacrifice. Everyone is chasing victory, they want to be successed and respected. Sometimes, they exceed limits just to get what they want in spite of someone else'' feelings. This color urges them to do anything that can help them satisfy their greeds.

Sacrifice is a good aspect of red. Our life is much more beautiful because of this meaning. When you love someone, you want to sacrifice everything for them. It is just like a red rose bloomed in a corner of garden among a variety of flowers.

White represents a pure heart. No one seems to really care about this, but it is still a very important thing to our life.  Everyone lost it by the time they grown up and once it''s gone, it will never go back. A clear mind and a poor heart is everything you need to live in this world, to go through all the trouble and hardship. The problem is whether they can keep their hearts pure forever or not. This is a hard thing and not everyone can make it. It''s just like a white flower that withered with the time. And in the end, what''s left of us is just another us that we never thought we will be. When we get old, we will look back and wonder if where did it go. It abandon us or we were the one who did. It''s the pain for those who doesn''t appreciate what they had.

 Everyone feels about their life different. Someone thinks their life is just a game and they do anything to be a winner. They think money and power are the thing they must have. Someone spent almost all their life seeking for money and a fabulous life. But just when they can made it, they feel lonely and nothing that they earned can be meaning to them. Life is meaningless if we do not have a reason to live.

There is someone who always want to get what they want by stoling it from someone else. Because they think that''s a short way and they don''t have to waste their strength. They think death is ending, so they live to enjoy and satisfy their needs. Their life is just a cul-de-sac that will be all dark at the end. They do not know about that and still wandering until the day there''s no where to go.

Someone lives their life with a pure heart, a will to bring happiness to everyone, they share everything they have with people who''s miserable. However, they do not want to get anything in return.

Life present in every kind of this world. Just because it exists in a sinful scenery, doesn''t mean it''s our life. Life is filled with hope, happiness and the wish getting everybody to be happy, to make this world a better place. Sometimes, we just need to stop, look at everything around us and find a meaning of life that''s really meaning to us.

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