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Bagpiper In Modern Times
(Neeraj Kulkarni)

               We all have heard about the bagpiper and his music which freed the city of rats and rodents. We also know that he was not paid for the work done and ultimately he mesmerised all the children by his music and the city even lost all its children. 
               The bagpiper returns in the modern era after centuries of rest. He finds the same situation in the cities and thinks of helping the citizens getting rid of rodents, rats and other insects. He gets into an agreement with the authorities for freeing up the city from the rodents. The authorities agree with the agreement and promise to pay him accordingly. The authorities take the bagpiper''s words seriously because they know the consequencies if they fail to keep up their promise.
               Now the bagpiper starts preparing for the right kind of music as his previous version is out of vogue now. He dresses himself stylishly and makes some adjustments to his instruments which will now run on batteries. Finally, he is all set to get the work done. He gets to the streets and starts his music. At first, he finds only the general public watching him with perplexity. But after some time all the rats and rodents from everywhere surround him. This site makes the bagpiper a bit frightened as the rodents have multiplied in thousands. But he keeps up his music playing and starts walking towards the hills. The rodents follow him as usual and he is happy. When he reaches the hill top he goes to tip of the hill and continues his music. All the rodents start jumping of the hill still enjoying the music.
              One rodent which has no taste for music also follows the group to check what is happening there. When it finds that the bagpiper is trying to kill all the rodents by enthralling them with his music, it tries to wake up the senses of other rodents. But all its efforts go wane. Ultimately, it decides to go away into hiding as it would be insignificant in comparison with so many humans. 
              The bagpiper succeeds in his work and gets paid for the work he has accomplished. The bagpiper is very happy with the reward. The authorities are also very happy as all the rodents have been killed and now their crops and grains and all other things are safe from damage. The city becomes free from all the rodents for a decade or so and the bagpiper also becomes old. He thinks that now his talent is of no use and so stops practicing. He now enjoys the fortunes earned by him for eliminating the rodents from the city. 
             Far from the city, in a small broken and abandoned farm house the rodent keeps itself safe from external danger while breeding the infants. It prepares an army of rodents and trains them to get fit for waging a war on the cities to take the revenge of killing all its kins. After some years it wages a war on the city with thousands of rodents taking over the whole city. Now again the bagpiper is called by the authorities to lend help by playing his bagpipe. But as the bagpiper is grown old and is weak even to hold his instrument he refuses to help them. But after continued requests he agrees to help and again starts preparing. But now, the stars have changed as the rodents are well prepared for not being hypnotised by the music. 
            The bagpiper as usual comes to the streets and plays his music. But to his dismay not one rodent turns up to listen his music. From that day wards many bagpipers have come and gone but the rodents have not fallen prey to their music. The rodents are doing their work with full dedication whereas the humans are still thinking of a solution to get rid of the rodents.

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