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I Am As I Am And I Do Not Import Myself
(A. Francis)

This History is counted in the voice of the João and its father (until its death), where the João requests, for some times, the attention of the reader thus to be able to open, to shake taboos that do not make sensible - ?Reason you, reader, did not accept me? But I am a human being that wants to be loved as you, as one another man, who badly has? The love is not pretty, because it will be that it it is only when is to a man and a woman? You are not thus, opens your mind for distinct, but so equal realities in singela rising of affection that can join two people.? All the workmanship is crossroads of personages with different destinations, but it always has between them, the necessity to be loved. The reader is some times interpolated in this direction, thus to understand, the reason of the homossexualidade. As well as, it is a wakening so that the society is different of what it is - ?a society where all hide ones of the others, keeping a copy that are not its, where everything seems to agree to the other little a proper we.? The João is a being that stops beyond more, wants to be happy: to love and to be loved in the fullness of the act. The father of the João, cultured and formed person but with a closed mentality, does not obtain to understand the sexual options of the son. E to dezassete years finds it in an act closer than it makes with that, as the proper one it writes - ?I died.? The João has the luck to find a young pretty and angelical girl - Ana - that to help itself mutuamente create the ideia of a marriage between them, what does not happen due to death of the mother of the João. The father cries continuously fights it and finishes for dying of disgust six months later. The João is alone. Between lovelessness, he comes back to reencontrar its first love. Hilariantes moments live, but the life is cruel and the João loses Peter. He is thanks to the friendship of the Paula who the João obtains to survive more to the deaths of its wanted beings. The Paula is one lady who is unhappy in its marriage, and that to find the happiness, she decides to commit suicide itself. The João is completely lost renegando one more time, as already makes it aquando the deaths of the mother, the father and its love, God. The destination wants that it comes back to be happy, as it always desired, and for this, return, finally, to reencontrar all those that it loves. Without taboos, without the ideia of the João whom it writes that ?All they think that I am the leprosy of the modern world?. It is in the sky that the João feels at last - ?Until that the world left of being blind! One another world that thinks differently of my gentes. Here so close, but so far from the Land where all were imported with what I age. I am as I am and I do not import myself! ?

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