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In This Good Land
(eyiaromi toba)

In this good land was a
wicked king, who had a grown up son, named Gideon. Gideon had a son name Joseph
who had not being able to walk since he was five years old. It happened when
someone rushed to tell his nurse shade olorunniwo, a nurse that, the king and Gideon
had died in the battle. She turned off with the boy in her arms, but he fell
and injured his legs.

One day a new king reign,
name abacha and he thought ?I wonder if any of Samuel?s family are still alive
(Samuel the wicked king.) If they are, I will be kind to them because I made a
promise to Gideon in his alive of him being good to me. Abacha called ziba, one
of the servants of Samuel?s family. Abacha said ?are you ziba,? ?yes, your
majesty, I am?. Abacha asked. ?Are any of Samuel?s family alive? If there are,
I want to be kind to them.? Ziba answered, ?One of Gideon?s sons is still
alive, but he can?t walk.? Where is he? Abacha asked, ziba replied, ?he lives
in Lagos, king abacha sent some servant to bring
Gideon?s son from Lagos
his name Joseph and he was the grandson of Samuel. He came king abacha and
knelt down. Abacha asked, are you Joseph ?yes I am, your majesty.? The king
said ?don?t be afraid. I?ll be kind to you because of Gideon was your father. I
am going to give you back the lands that belong to your grandfather Samuel.
Besides that, you will always eat bread with me at my table. Joseph knelt down
again and said why should care about me? I?m worth no more than a dead dog. In
a short while, though Joseph was lame, he lived in Abuja
where the king dwell in Nigeria
and ate at king abacha table just like one of abacha own son?s. On this fateful
day, in course of time Joseph had is own beautiful dreams, he had bribe the top
police and military officer even the law executors, poisoned the king with
apple and overthrow the throne. The lame man becomes the king with all the
kindness shown to him, he did wicked to the king. It means you should not
negotiate with the devil.

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