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L''ecrivain 3 (writer 3 )
(Abdelmalek El mimouni)

The writer (3rd part) Some Third World countries reserved a
considerable sum has research and, partially succeeded in,
which was worth the lightning of the Westerners to them and
the eagerness of the latter has to encircle them, weakening
them and finally to destroy them, the others seem to worry
that hunger without arriving has to eliminate it! The
major part of our activities are centered on the means of
acquiring self-sufficiency in food. L'' Germany de Hitler
for example is significant. A small corporal (the rank
more dérisoire)de the army failed to dominate the world.
The principle is traditional. One makes carry the cap (not
any) has a soldier (seldom the best and almost often the
stupid one). Blow, the small one neglected, sees colonel,
General or head of state major and president of country,
raising kilos of decorations, collapsing under the honors
of the large rescuer of the nation, laying out of unlimited
privileges and favours, the quite sour influence, the
servants, the cars, the money, the capacity and a whole
range of means enabling him to make disappear all those
which are higher to him in education, strategy etc, all the
people in fact, has share, its minables servants hoisted
with the bench of leaders to fill the vacuum around him.
Then, the source quickly is forgotten, one turns the page
and one becomes noble by the force of the other countries
which sees there; an unquestionable profit while being the
first has to help it, the reconnaitre.Après several years
of being able, domination and of nobility, it is found with
the dock (there; still, not do not import which!). The
fall is always much harder and stiff that rise, because the
successor is often one of his former minables servants and
pupils anoblis for the occasion. The Israeli Rabin (still
a General) was, it y does not have a long time a very small
citizen, soldier metamorphosed by magic as a head of state
major, then large hero, finally head of country, the Arabs
it qualified crimes and others, but reality is very
different, to be convinced it is enough to it to imagine
another Arab country in conflict has the place of Israel
and to hope deaths per ten thousands and not per unit as it
is the case now. With its death, the large ones of this
world were inclined in front of its coffin and even wore
the small Jewish hat. In fact,la taguilla goes very well
has some! no matter what however I let myself dream and
think has the idea to see one day these same people out of
Arab chechia. My country, you does not cease growing has
my eyes, at the bottom of my heart, you which absorbed
without any rechignement tens of thousands of your sons
each time that they appeal has you. The drama of Algeria
east ever established in our mémoire.Les states,
personalities torturers or victims, civil or military
called upon here must know that I do not have anything
against which that, but I report facts which marked me or
shocked but with prudence, however............... that
some is estimated happy, because I am a technician and not
literary man. I will have wanted have the language to put
them has naked. (End)

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