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The Real Little Best Fake Book Ever For Keyboard, Vocal, Guitar And All ''c'' Instuments

A ''fake book'' is a book of music which contains only the tune or melody of a song and the chords which go with it, written above the melody line (which is written in ordinary musical notation) in letter/number form (e.g., C, D#, F9, etc.)  With these conventions, the authors are able to compress an extraordinary number of songs into one volume--in this cast over 1000 popular songs in 860 medium sized pages (approximately 6 x 9).
At the front of the book is an index of songs alphabetically by title (although the songs are also listed, for the most part, alphabetically by title in the main part of the book).  This is followed by an index of songs by type and/or decade of popularity, again alphabetically by title within each category. These categories are as follows:
 Broadway Show Tunes
 Children''s Songs
 Hits of the Big Band Era
 Hits of the 1950s
 Hits of the 1960s
 Hits of the 1970s
 Hits of the 1980s
 Hits of the 1990s
 Marches and Polkas
 Movie and TV Themes
 Novelty Songs
 Songs in 3/4 Time.
In addition, each song has listed the author/s of the lyrics, the composer/s of the music (where these are known), and copyright information.  It is a musician''s or singer''s dream book.

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