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(Williams Shakespeare)

Write your abstract here.     SUMMARY ON HAMLET     
   The settings of ?Hamlet? start and end in the Elsinore Castle. It starts by showing two soldiers on guard at the castle. Later, Horatio who is Hamlet?s friend comes to meet him and discuss on the ghost they have seen and he promises to tell his friend Hamlet. In the court yard, Claudius Old Hamlet?s brother celebrates his marriage to Getrude who is Hamlet?s mother. Including his coronation as the present king of Denmark. Hamlet mourns the death of his father and also feels irritated to the hastiness of his mother?s marriage to Claudius. Horatio arrived, and make know to Hamlet the ghost they saw last night. Hamlet decided to watch the ghost himself, the ghost beckons on Hamlet and he followed. The ghost explained to Hamlet that he was murdered by his brother Claudius by pouring a poisonous liquid into his ear while having his rest at the orchard. The ghost, who was Hamlet?s father, said to Hamlet that he wanted revenge and also warns Hamlet to leave his mother to the prick and thorns of her conscience.
         In addition this circumstances that surrounded Hamlet made him confused on the step to be taken. In getting a clearer understanding of what the ghost tells Hamlet, he decided to stage a drama to demonstrate how the former king of Denmark was killed. He decided to watch Claudius action, to know if he is the true murder or not. Getrude and Claudius send Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to inquire of his questionable behavior  (madness, an act of insanity). Polonius watches Hamlet and his daughter closely, then he discovered Hamlet was not insane due to love for Ophelia.
          Meanwhile at the Elsinoe castle, Hamlet welcomes the actors and actresses, and then the play began. Claudius and Getrude were also sited, on getting to the scene where the pouring of poisonous liquid takes place Claudius stands and walk away. This action by Claudius now gives Hamlet the conviction that Claudius was the murderer of his father. This led him to involve in a discussion with his mother Getrude and Polonius decides to eavesdrop by hiding behind the cotton, during their conversation. Getrude shouts and Polonius followed Hamlet then strikes towards the cotton and Polonius dies.
        Moreover, Getrude tells Claudius about the death of Polonius. Laertes angered by the death of his father decides to challenge the king. Claudius sent Hamlet to England, ordering two monks to murder him on his way through a letter. Later on, the cat was let out of the bag concerning Claudius plan to kill Hamlet. Pirates attacked the ship and Hamlet managed to escape, he then sent a letter to Claudius while he was on his way to Denmark. During this period Ophelia has died due to much thought on Hamlet and the death of his father, by falling into a brook and she got drowned. Hamlet arrived at the burial ceremony of Ophelia, and Laertes fights Hamlet right in Ophelia?s grave. Prior to this Hamlet vowed to fight later. Claudius and Claudius had a evil plot against Hamlet and they decided to organize a entertaining fencing fight.
        However, Laertes sword was poisoned by Claudius, peradventure it injures Hamlet, and he will die through it. He also prepared a poisonous drink for him, incase he demands for a drink he will drink it and die. The fight begins and Hamlet is injured with Laertes sword, in this process their sword was exchanged and Hamlet stabs Laertes with the sword. Unfortunately Getrude drinks the poison and she died. Finally, Hamlet takes the poisonous sword to Claudius and he stabs him at his chest, also forcefully gave him the poison to drink. Then Hamlet, tells Horatio not to die with him but tell the story to the whole of Denmark and beyond and the throne should be handed over to Fortinbras. At last he Hamlet died due to the poisonous sword. What a tragedy. Hamlet today is known as a tragic hero.

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